Laser Vision Correction is the procedure of correcting a person’s refractive errors resulting in reducing their dependence on glasses or contact lenses. By changing the shape of the cornea, our surgeons can correct the way light is focused within your eye so that you can see more clearly.

The ideal candidate for laser vision correction is at least 18 years of age, has a stable refractive error, adequate corneal thickness, normal corneal shape, and no diseases of the eye. Factors such as certain ocular diseases, medical diseases and previous history of ocular surgery may prevent a person from being a candidate for laser vision correction.

The CustomVue Option: Individualized Laser Vision Correction.

Now, instead of relying on standard measurements to correct vision, VISX CustomVue can measure and address the special needs of each individual’s whole visual system. WaveScan technology produces a detailed map of your eye–much like a fingerprint, no two are alike. With this incredibly detailed information, doctors can truly tailor vision correction especially for your eyes only.

The unique correction information is transferred from the WaveScan to the VISX Star S4 Excimer laser, guiding the laser throughout the procedure. The 3-D ACTIVETRAK eye tracker follows the eye’s tiniest movements. It instantly and automatically repositions the laser to keep the laser beam focused where the doctor wants it, so the patient can relax in complete confidence.